Grocery Delivery

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 You’ve done enough to get to your mountain getaway and we’re here to take off some of the workload allowing you to play more. That’s why at Kitchen Karetakers, we came up with the idea of personally customized grocery delivery for the area.

Your arrival may be preceded by hours of driving and sometimes directly after long hours of work. The thought of making sure your vacation home or rental has enough provisions for you, your family, and friends is most likely at the bottom of the things you’d rather be doing.

That’s where we come in!

Imagine walking in after a long drive to a fully stocked kitchen or just the basics, whichever your preference. You order, we deliver and put away.

Wondering about the cost? Check out our service rates!

How it works

The process all starts with contacting us to make your reservation for delivery. Please contact us in advance to secure your spot.

Once we’ve established your delivery details, you may make us a shopping list via email, text, or over the phone. We must receive your list at least 2 full days before your delivery day or you will be subject to a $30 rush fee.

We have local menus on hand if you’d like recommendations. Please call and chat with us at +802.430.9527 or pop over a quick email by clicking here!

Don’t wait. Make your delivery reservation today!


More questions? Check out our FAQ page!