About Us

Kitchen Karetakers was established in 2016 with the hope to provide a unique experience of personally customized grocery delivery service to the resort areas of Stratton, Bromley and Magic Mountain.

Hey there, I’m Jill Devine – CEO of Kitchen Karetakers.

My journey of living my dream in south central Vermont began in the summer of 2015. Motivated and driven, my goal wasn’t just to start a business, but to create an industry that was yet to be explored. As I worked at a restaurant located at Stratton through our first winter, I got to know a bit about a prospective client base. I felt they seemed to be lacking something with their Vermont experience – easy access to provisions. How much easier can it be than to walk in to your kitchen for that easy access?

I often waited on families who arrived so late that markets and even many restaurants had closed. Families that had been driving all evening, most times directly from work and school. Tired and hungry families that were excited to begin having fun! My thoughts went to what I could do to make their visits even a little bit more enjoyable.

My Backstory

Exceptional customer service and account management has been what my careers have always revolved around. Therefore, I felt confident that I could provide professional, detail oriented service with a whole new industry for this area. I previously ran a pet sitting and dog walking company while we lived in South Jersey. With this experience, I knew that starting another door-to-door business revolving around food delivery would have a similar structure.

Where I’m headed

In the few years I’ve been here, I have found many wholesome and delicious food items that our community has to offer and our list is growing. My goal is work one on one with you in order to allow you to enjoy your Vermont experience while I gather and deliver your handpicked items straight to your kitchen.

I’ve done my share of traveling, with kids in tow. I am all too aware of the burden of planning meals, grocery shopping and transporting your provisions.

Give Kitchen Karetakers the opportunity to take that burden from you!