Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how we do it? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


Do you have a limited amount of stores you’ll stop at for me?

Nope! If you want us to stop at one large grocery store or one small farm, the choice is yours. Please note there are great distances between stores around here and we need to know in advance if you’ll be having us stop at multiple places. Scheduling can be tricky!

Can I have my groceries charged to my house account at a local market?

Many of our local proprietors have house accounts for their clients. If this applies to you and you’d like to have your food billed to your account, we can gain your permission to do so. We will only bill you our service fee.


Do I have to be present for delivery?

We originally designed this business around having delivery to your home or rental prior to your arrival, but will definitely work with you if you’d rather have us deliver while you’re there. Your desired delivery time will be as close as we can possibly make it and your delivery window as short as possible so we can get you back to having fun.

My rental only allows access just before our check in time. Can you still deliver before we arrive?

We’ve discovered that these types of deliveries can cause too much upset in scheduling, therefore we will schedule your delivery for after your arrival/check-in time. We may still deliver while you’re away from your rental as long as you’ve granted us access, so there’s no need to wait for us.


Do you have any questions not covered here? Send Jill a quick email!